At NūMove, we develop value-added systems that allow our customers to automate and optimize their production. In fact, our automation solutions expertise covers 6 different industries. NūMove’s robotic palletizing and depalletizing solutions handle various products such as cases, open-top cases, trays, folding carton stack and more. Our other solutions (packing, collating and uncasing machines) also manipulate food, beverage, tissue paper, personal care and cosmetics products.

In addition to our knowledge in robotics, some of our technologies integrate machine vision solutions. By example, we educate our systems to adapt to the different products handled. As a result, this greatly improves the efficiency and flexibility of our systems.

NūMove’s turn-key solutions are also equipped with the NūLogik, an extremely user-friendly HMI designed by our team of software specialists.


foth partnership
Scott Bean

Lead Packaging Engineer

Thanks again for everything. Your team did a great job! Plus, it was a true pleasure dealing with each of you at NūMove!

geosaf partnership
Thomas Lebeau

VP Engineering & Development

Many thanks to the NūMove team for their support and professionalism in delivering successfully the robotics projects to our client. You did great! Although these projects were complex, the outcome is definitely a success!