Automation Solutions

Looking for folding carton automation solutions to optimize your carton stack production? Discover NūMove’s robotic technologies to palletize, stack, square, flip, destack, flat pack and more.

The folding carton industry offers eco-friendly packaging solution to numerous industries like food & beverage, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and many more. The proliferation of carton models and sizes impacts the industry as more numerous but shorter production runs are getting common. The growth of e-commerce is also raising the demand for small packaging products.

Taking these multiple factors into account, NūMove offers innovative robotic automation solutions suited to folding carton companies. Our robot tools and equipment are designed to handle various models and formats of folding carton stacks.

Folding Carton Partnership

pacsys usa partnership numove

NūMove is collaborating with PacSys to service the Folding Carton industry. Established in 1996 as a manufacturing agent specialized in the folding carton industry, it is headed by Mike McGuinness who cumulates more than 40 years of experience in the business.

Folding carton automation solutions


Scott Bean

Lead Packaging Engineer

Thanks again for everything. Your team did a great job! Plus, it was a true pleasure dealing with each of you at NūMove!

Francis Brault

Plant Engineer

Our team had very good words to say about your After Sales Programmer. He came to the plant with a great attitude and approach. We found him to be very collaborative.


Manufacturing Engineer

Thank you for coming here and working with us on this project. You did an excellent job!

Thomas Lebeau

VP Engineering & Development

Many thanks to the NūMove team for their support and professionalism in delivering successfully the robotics projects to our client. You did great! Although these projects were complex, the outcome is definitely a success!