For NūMove, hiring an intern is like welcoming a future employee. We offer internships in robot programming and mechanical design, as well as occasional internships in software and vision development, project management, industrial engineering and production.


No internships are currently available.

Our Interns Experiences

Through the following videos, you will get a glimpse of our interns’ experiences! Learn about the robot programming internship of Samuel, a graduate in Automated Production Engineering at the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS). Find out more about the industrial engineering internship of Olivier, who worked on the redesign of our warehouse store.

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Engineer internship

Robot Programming Internship

It’s been a real pleasure working with your team! NūMove has been my best experience so far and by far.

engineering internship

Robot Programming Internship

This internship allowed me to see the continuity in a project. I was given great responsibilities and autonomy, while having the chance to get regular feedback.

project management internship

Project Management Internship

Perfect experience to complement my academic learning. I was exposed to all the realities of the field. From hiring external resources to following up on deliveries, and from team coordination to customer contact. I also had a great time with my colleagues through different activities, like playing VR games or during the famous BBQ dinners.

mechanical design internship

Mechanical Design Internship

I really liked the resourcefulness I developed at NūMove. My supervisor would give me assignments and tell me to come back with a functional solution. He pushed me to think more before acting, to “think like an engineer.