NūSYS 202

Our Robotic Mixed Load Palletizer is frequently seen in warehouses, distributions centers and order fulfillment centers. This mixed load palletizing solution allows the preparation of pallets aligned to specific customers’ orders. To build stable and store-friendly pallets, a Load Planning Software is used to optimize product placement on the pallets. Have you heard about InnoPick®, our Product Picking & Dispensing System? Combining both enables having a fully automatic and error-free solution!

This robotic solution offers great flexibility in comparison to mechanical mixed load palletizing systems. It is a great automation system for distributors with high volumes. We can also recommend our Semi-Automatic Mixed Load Palletizer for distribution centers that want to improve their productivity but do not have the volume or budget to justify a fully automatic palletizing solution.

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  • Load Planning Software to optimize product placement on pallets, build stable and store-friendly pallets.
  • Large number of SKUs can be palletized.
  • Fully automatic and error-free solution when combined with a product picking & dispensing system (like our InnoPick®).
  • When relevant, NūMove can also integrate Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) to handle empty pallets, full pallets and products.


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