NūSYS 301

Are you looking to automate manual depalletizing operations in your factory? Discover NūMove Robotic Depalletizer which can be easily customized to your needs. Over the course of the years, we developed an expertise in robotic integration and also in creating innovative end-of-arm tools and equipment for depalletizing. Find out more below!

robotic depalletizer


  • Can depalletize single cases, complete rows or complete layers depending on the desired throughput.
  • Can also depalletize rows or layers of unwrapped trays with dedicated end-of-arm tool.

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robotic depalletizer
robotic depalletizer automation
robotic depalletizer
robotic depalletizer

NūMove’s integrated equipment of the solution


NūMove is proud to have developed its own operator interface (Human-Machine Interface, or simply HMI). Why did we bother, you may ask? Well, NūLogik is designed by our software development specialists so it can be adapted to robot cells and easily integrated to our vision systems. In addition to its user-friendly characteristics, we can assure you NūLogik is customizable according to your needs.

nulogik hmi
  • Developed specifically for industrial automated equipment with Industry 4.0 functionalities in mind.
  • Production statistics improve operator efficiency and provide decision makers valuable information.
  • Display of alarms for each equipment: fast process to identify and clear the alarms.
  • Handles and supports multiple vision system cameras, no additional PC required.
  • Components’ disassembly and assembly drawings & instructions directly available from the interface.
  • Remote support integrated through a secure encrypted router.
robotic depalletizer hmi nulogik


depalletizer robot tool

Single Product Depalletizing Tool

NūTOOL 301

depalletizer robot tool

Row Depalletizing Tool

NūTOOL 302

robotic depalletizer tool

Layer Depalletizing Tool

NūTOOL 303


vision system for depalletizing

Vision System for Depalletizing

NūVIZ 200

vision system depalletizing


depalletizing equipment

90° Product Transfer Conveyor

NūPRO 201

depalletizing equipment

Product Side Transfer (Rollers)

NūPRO 203

depalletizing automation equipment

Unscrambling Conveyor

NūPRO 205

depalletizing equipment

Product Belt Conveyor

NūPRO 301

depalletizing automation equipment

Product Side Transfer (Belt)

NūPRO 303

depalletizing automation equipment

Product Turning Conveyor (Belt)

NūPRO 307


pallet stacker destacker

Pallet Stacker-Destacker

NūPAL 101

depalletizing automation equipment

Pallet Chain Conveyor

NūPAL 201

depalletizing automation equipment

Pallet Unwrapping Station

NūPAL 205

depalletizing automation equipment

Pallet Shuttle

NūPAL 301

depalletizing automation equipment

90° Pallet Transfer Conveyor

NūPAL 302

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