Looking for personalized robotic solutions to handle your cases and carton stacks ? NūMove has various flexible options to suit your needs.

Robotic End-of-Press Palletizer
NūSYS 100

robotic end-of-press palletizer

Robotic Destacker for Folder-Gluer
NūSYS 300

Destacker carton stacks

Semi-automatic Mixed Case Palletizer NūSYS 500

Semi auto mixed palletizer

Robotic mixed case palletizer
NūSYS 700

robotic solutions

Robotic case packer
NūSYS 900

Robotic Case Packer

Robotic Destacker & Repalletizer
NūSYS 2000

Destacker and Re-palletizer

Robotic Sorter for Combo Forms
NūSYS 200

Robotic Sorter for Combo Forms

Robotic Case Palletizer
NūSYS 400

Robotic palletizer

Box cutting system
NūSYS 600

robotic solutions

Robotic case depalletizer
NūSYS 800

Robotic depalletizer

Robotic case collating
NūSYS 1000

robotic solutions case collating

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